Evangelism for Normal People - Basic Practices #6

For many followers of Jesus sharing our faith is something most agree is something Christians should do, but many struggle with doing for all sorts of reasons. But what might evangelism for normal people look like? It would and should look like how Jesus did evangelism. How Jesus blessed and invited people into the Kingdom was based out of a foundation that is the same for His followers. Have your Bibles ready to skip through the gospel of John as we look at Jesus' pattern for doing evangelism.

Caiaphas, Easter #2

Caiaphas viewed Jesus as a threat because he was more concerned about his position, wealth, and authority than following what God was obviously doing and saying. Caiaphas knew that following God would cost him what he had, but was unwilling to surrender ‘his’ kingdom to God’s Kingdom. Like Caiaphas, Christians can resist the God they say they trust. And do what is wrong to try to hold onto something that we will eventually lose anyway.

Judas: So close, yet so far - Easter #1

As a disciple, Judas was close to Jesus. The pattern of behavior was a spiral downward. Judas could have resisted Satan’s temptation, but he didn’t. We have choices to make. We can resist the Devil and he will flee and we can draw near to God and He will draw near to us. Application: In what ways can (do) you show love for your enemies?

Connect to God, Connects #1

This 4-part series will take a look at some ‘how-to’s’ of following Jesus. While we are all wired differently, God still has designed us for a personal and even conversational relationship with Him. This was the relationship Jesus experienced and modeled. We are made to “Connect to God.” In this sermon, some suggestions related to reading the Bible, prayer and worship will be given to help us focus on the goal of those activities, hearing from God and in response sharing our hearts with Him.

Looking Like Jesus

God’s goal for those who follow Jesus is to shape them into Jesus’ image. What does a life in Jesus’ image look like? Jesus answered this in the midst of his words to his disciples following the Last Supper. Jesus is the vine, disciples are the branches … but what is the fruit God expects disciples to produce and is working in our lives so we produce more of? In this sermon, we reflect on Jesus’ analogy of life lived with Him and his commandment to love found in John 15:1-17.