Let Everyone Know, Acts #6

When the Holy Spirit came at Pentecost it provided Peter and the other followers of Jesus an opportunity to witness to what they had seen and heard about Jesus, including what had just happened. Peter clarified what had happened was all part of God’s plan, which was focused on Jesus of Nazareth, God’s Messiah, whom the crowd was corporately responsible for crucifying. This challenge prompted a response from many in the crowd for how to respond to that news. So… how do we respond to the news that Jesus is King?

The Great Reversal of Pentecost, Acts Series #5

Pentecost was a transformative event for the church. It was the coming of the Holy Spirit to indwell and empower the church for a purpose. In simple terms the purpose was to empower all followers of Jesus to be witnesses of what they had seen and heard Jesus do. Yet, Pentecost is also part of God’s overall plan and in many ways was a reversal of the consequences of Babel. The Holy Spirit empowers the church to overcome human and sinful barriers so we can be witnesses to what we have seen and heard Jesus do in our lives as well.